We've answered some questions you may have.


You can always ask us a question by sending us an email on info@locaterent2rent.co.uk or by calling us directly on 0208 767 1117

How do your fees work?

The No.1 question asked. We will get straight to it and answer this for you. Surprisingly, the big reveal is £0. We actually do not charge any fees to any landlord. Essentially, a landlord can rent their property to us for example, for 5 years and not have to pay a penny commission OR renewal fees ever again.

How is Rent 2 Rent different from others in our field?

Our Rent 2 Rent model is very different to a traditional Let. Since our model does somewhat work around some variables, essentially we would rent from the landlord directly. The landlord will always be paid whether the property has been rented or not, that is our number 1 priority.
We will then take the risk for getting the property rented as quickly as possible, we're pretty sure no other agency would do this.
Property maintenance would be included in our package also, as well as utilities management. This all being rolled into one which allows the landlord to know exactly what will be due to them every month. Guaranteeing your rent and your peace of mind.

How do you renovate a property and guarantee the rent at the same time?

It's very simple, we look at the property as a whole and how much income can be made from the property. Like any investment, what you put in is what you will get out. Whether we buy a property of our own or invest in a landlord's property we treat both investments the same, this means we will always look after your property and protect the investment at all costs. That is why landlord's are so happy to work with us as their property is our mutual interest. Another difference between ourselves and other agencies out there.

What about the legal licenses needed for the property?

All the correct licenses will be applied and paid for by us to the right authorities. If a property falls under HMO regulations, then we will certify the property and cover all the costs too.

Who will we be renting to?

We only rent to working professionals. The tenants are the most important piece of the puzzle as they make the wheels turn round. We do vet and reference our tenants who wish to live within a property managed in our portfolio and will always continue to do so. Through 17 years of experience in this field we know that a settled home with happy tenants makes the job a lot easier for everyone.