Letchworth Street, SW17

6 Bedroom House

This property in the heart of Tooting just off the high street is a perfect example of what we're able to achieve. The landlord was receiving a below market rent as the property was not in the greatest of condition. A relatively small investment was needed to be able to convert the property into a 6 bedroom house, along with an upgraded kitchen, an additional bathroom and a quality finish to the property we were able to attract high calibre tenants. It rented within 24 hours of going online which is a testament to the effort that went into the property.

Broadwater Road, SW17

6 Bedroom House

Located in the heart of Tooting on Broadwater Road, this 4 bedroom family home has been converted into a fantastic 6 bedroom house by us much to the landlords delight who was planning to list the property on the rental market for at least a third less of the rent being received today. The property has been managed by us for 6 years and counting as the contract has just renewed for another 5 years.

Undine Street, SW17

3 Bedroom House

This property is situated close to Tooting Broadway station. It was previously rented out to a large family for many years and once they vacated the property it needed some improvements in order to be rented out to obtain anything close to what it should be achieving. We incorporated a much needed renovation, found suitable tenants and all the while the landlord was receiving the rent guaranteed by us. Since then the words 'void period' have been removed from this landlord's in-built dictionary.

Cowick Road, SW17

3 Bedroom House

This brand new 3 bedroom flat was fully renovated by Locate Developments. An entire overhaul was needed as the old design had various areas with wasted unusable space. A third bedroom was also added to the original 2 bedroom flat floor plan to earn maximum income for our client. This landlord is one of a series of happy clients of ours. 

Previous rent being received was £1,400 PCM, after refurbishment a guaranteed rent of £1,950 PCM for 5 years was agreed. 

Derinton Road, SW17

4 Bedroom House

This fantastic 4 bedroom house with a loft conversion was being rented out by a local agent well below the potential it should be achieving. A slight renovation was needed to optimise the rent and we did exactly that. Now being tenanted to a set of colleagues working in the local hospital since 2016, this property is achieving one of the best yields in our portfolio. 

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Strathville Road Bathroom