What Our Clients Are Saying About Locate rent2rent

Our clients are everything to us, and we’ve worked hard to help them provide a turn-key solution which creates longevity and security for the long term. We maintain open communication lines with all of our clients, throughout every step of the process. We appreciate all of their business and enjoy working with them all. Check out what they are saying about us and how you can be one of our valued clients as well.

Locate rent2rent Letchworth kitchen

"I decided to change my agent when I spoke to Shan about what he could do for my property. We spoke about how he could maximise the potential and I really was amazed at how my property was transformed within 6 weeks, from a 4 bedroom house to a 6 bedroom and I'm now getting top end rent with the added comfort in knowing i'm guaranteed the rent every month. My only regret is not doing this sooner."

Letchworth Street, SW17

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"I met Locate through one of their boards around Tooting which they were working on renovating a particular property at the time. I asked them to come and review my property and by doing that I have literally benefitted from the extra property income. I had a 4 bedroom property which I was moving out from at the time and wasn't getting much luck with getting the rent I needed to cover the mortgage and make something extra from. Locate advised me to do some general works which they covered the expense on and converted the property into a 6 bedroom house. Six years later when I look back on the decision to go with Locate I have probably made an extra 35% in revenue, and have paid nothing out towards commission or renewal fees. That for me says it all and is a win win."

Broadwater Road, SW17

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"What an unbelievable transformation of my property in such a short space of time. I have to give a lot of credit to Locate Properties (Rent2Rent) and their team Locate Developments for turning my property into a visually and aesthetically pleasing property. I have owned this property for over 12 years and I never dreamed it would or even could look as good as it does. Hats off to you for a fantastic job."

Cowick Road, SW17