We Know The Rental Market, So Get to Know Us

What is Rent2Rent?



Rent2Rent is a service we provide which allows you the landlord the opportunity to rent directly to us the agent. But, unlike the traditional let, we can provide you additional benefits to using our services and at the same time SAVE you huge amounts of money. 


How does Rent2Rent work?


We pride ourselves on working efficiently and making the whole process as hassle free as possible. We’ll explain here what we can do and how it will benefit you.

1. Review  


The first thing is to submit an appointment for us to come and review your property. By doing this we’re able to envisage the scope and potential of your property, we’ll make a report and send you a competitive offer.

2. Add Value 


Every property has its pro’s and con’s – By identifying them we’re able to discuss the possibilities to enhance your property to achieve a higher rental income. If there are any improvements needed, we can advise in detail how this can happen. The added benefit to you is that we have our own development team (Locate Developments).


This is just one of many examples on a recent property we obtained on Tooting High Street. A landlord had been renting their 4 bedroom property for £2,100 PCM for the past 5 years. Immediately, we recognised the potential to create a further 2 bedrooms with some work required (Costing roughly £4,000) We were able to work out an agreement that we would pay for the works to be carried out and convert the property to a 6 bedroom house – The landlord is now receiving a guaranteed monthly rent of £2,850 for the next 5 years. It just goes to show where we can add our value to you.


3. Agreements 


Once the Terms and Conditions have been discussed, we will sign a contract with you. Our average contract term is between 3-5 years. Many landlords of ours opt for a longer term for peace of mind and security as they know they have a competitive market rate fixed with us and also a guaranteed income, this allows you to plan ahead financially. 


4. The Legals 


The property will require a full handover with all utilities becoming our responsibility. This includes the Council Tax, Water, Electricity and Gas. Our team will take care of all this immediately and should there be an inventory required we will hire a third-party company to arrange a full inventory to reference the condition of the property and note any furnishings within.


Depending on the size of the property and if an HMO licence is required then we will submit the application and handle all aspects of obtaining the licence with the local council. Our reputation over the years has grown which puts us in good stead with the London Borough Council’s therefore, this is generally a smooth and seamless application.


5. Tenants


We only rent to working professionals and have tie ups with many companies and organisations based locally or in the city. Our connections stretch out to local hospitals, banks, law firms, media agencies, Universities and we also have our own internal avenues of directed traffic for working professionals to enquire for places to live. 

All tenants are reference checked and are issued with a property licence and their deposits are protected by a government backed tenancy deposit scheme.


6. Maintenance 


All properties at some point need attention, this is where we really differ to all other agencies. Our contract will state that we will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property, giving you a real peace of mind in knowing you will not be receiving any surprise monthly bills. With the exception of all major works (ie: Major Plumbing, Gas, and Electrical) However, this will all be checked prior to any agreement signed - FREE of charge. 


Any issues within the property will be answered and dealt with by our in-house team who are available 24/7. We will also have a cleaner that will regularly clean the property once or twice a week. 



How much does your service cost?

Locate Rent2Rent is and always will be FREE of charge. Meaning we charge 0% commission. We’re determined to break the hold of continuous fees to landlords. Our aim is to provide a hassle-free service to you and saving you money on agency fees is the first of many benefits.


What happens when our contract expires?


The option to renew the contract will be discussed 6 months prior to the expiration date. In the event that you would like your property back we would prepare your property to be handed back to you in the same condition it was given to us referencing the inventory created upon handover. 

In the event you would like to renew then another contract would be signed and there will be no renewal fees either.


How do I contact you?


We’re available to come to you by submitting the form below. Alternatively, our office is located on 814 Garratt Lane, Tooting, SW17 0LZ or you can call us on 0208 767 1117.